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Inventory & Routing

Bluesoft360 makes invoicing easy, so you can get paid faster. You can send invoices automatically to your customers at the end of the services. Take control of your business routes. Knowing the precise location of your customers. Bluesoft360 give you the ability to track the locations of your client and the services you bring. Monitor a variety of important details such as service time, visit result, open invoice and manage payment..

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Printing & Reporting

Dust Protected & Splash Proof Three Inch, iOS Compatible Bluetooth Portable Printer is a revolutionary ruggedized portable Bluetooth printer. Access detailed reports to better understand buyer behavior, employee performance, best and worst selling items, and more.

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Now you can have access to the same tools used by large corporations at a fraction of the cost with no initial investment, no hardware setup and no license fees. Get a 360 degree view of your business and prepare for growth with better information for decision making, workflow automation, increased productivity and better customer satisfaction levels.

BlueSoft 360 is the cloud-based Business Management Software that will supercharge your business

by integrating Accounting, Finance and Operations in a user friendly platform accesible from anywhere.


Since our founding, in 2013, our main objective has been to offer cutting edge technology products for businesses such as wholesale and professional services , in order to improve their commercial operations with our cloud based software. To maximize the results, improve performance and operational efficiencies.

Our commitment is to offer maximum effectiveness with a cost-effective solution that brings possitive results to our clients.

We are convinced that our clients' success is our best marketing and the reason of our continuos growth as a cloud based software provider. Because of that, we invested in the research and developmet of the most innovative software for business management. We also have created a world class tech support team available 24/7 to help our software users.


We know you are an expert in your business operation or as a service provider, but maybe not an expert in technology. That’s why every member of our staff at BlueSoft360 is commited to provide you a friendly service in order to make sure you have a great experience using our products.

Our technology is part of the cloud-based systems revolution and we are proud of that! This is the reason why go the extra mile in all we do at all our departments including Administration, Finance, Developers, Instructors, Sales and Customer Service.